Enhance, Preserve  Protect, Correct  Reverse


Every woman is beautiful in her own way. We all begin with our God given attributes, artwork in the raw. But like the artist who faces a blank canvas, we too are able to create an original masterpiece– With a little help from our friends.


Enhance Your Beauty

If we are going to spend money on clothing, jewelry, and accessories, to a greater or lesser degree, shouldn’t those things make us feel good too, feel good about ourselves, feel confident in our look? I trust Stella Dot, for one, to help me in these lifestyle pursuits.

Step forward. What if you could help your friends look good and feel good too? And what if you could do all that in a friendly, party atmosphere? Or on your own laptop? Well, we can do that together. Learn how below

I love this company for all of that. I love to shop, but more than that, I love to help people with personal style. . . and shopping, I like to go to shopping parties– Did I say: I love shopping?


Preserve and Protect

Organic and Good for Your Skin

Here is the list of what is NOT found in EVER’s :

BHA and BHT; Chemical Sunscreens: Ethanolamines; Hydroquinone; Mineral Oils/Petroleum; Microplastics; Parabens; Phthalates; Resorcinol; Propylene Glycol; Sulfates; Synthetic Fragrance.

My sponsor is a Medical Doctor (Family Practitioner) from Seattle. She believes in integrating medicine and natural, holistic methods of treatment.

Guess what, those items, right there in the photo, are in my beauty box– And furthermore, some of them I got for free. Keep reading to find out more.

Correct and Reverse

I own these products too (the ones on the left, EVER’S flagship products). Every thing you need to begin the job of correcting individual problems (for example) puffiness and/or dark circles under the eyes) is here in the picture.

EVER continues to impress me with awesome new products. Right when I was wishing for a foundation, it came on. This is a new launch, and the free complexion package deal, shown to the right, is over at the end of March. Take advantage.

If you miss it, stay-tune for April’s good deals.

Even Reverse Signs of Aging

I have used many products over the years, mostly the ones behind the counter at Nordstrom’s, some of which were hard to give up.

Here’s the thing, those products all contained ingredients NOT good for the skin, or you. Your skin is your largest organ. Think about that for a minute. What goes on it goes in you, almost like drinking poison.

Not only do EVER products NOT contain anything harmful, they contain everything healthy. And more than that, EVER’S products deliver equal or even better results. 

I know I look a little mature in the photo, but guess what, that’s because I am– Older than you think. I can’t say it, never could, since age 39, 37 years ago.

I would still look 39 if I had found EVER then. Right?

What is Your Personal Wish for Healthy Good Looks?

Push any of these links and find the answers.

These arms (right above) have Lavish on them.

One day, my son walked into the kitchen and asked me if I was baking a cake? I was not. It was the Lavish I had just put on. That is how luscious this body butter smells, like pound cake with a hint of orange.

The results achieved using the above regimen are all the proof needed. Go to EVER’S website, using the above link, and see what people are saying. Read the testimonies.

EVER features two awesome lip products, a plumping lip gloss and a long lasting, but moisturizing one, like in the next picture.

EVER is a woman-owned company with incredible management and success. Follow the above link to the website and look at a few videos.

Create Your Own Style and Then

Help Your Friends to Create Theirs

Be Your Own Hostess– Here Is A Step-by-Step Plan



It’s Completely up to You