No one can make you happy. No one can help you grow in life more than you can. I can love you to death, but I can only go so far. I can inspire and encourage you as much as I can, but when you play an active role to find that self-security and that self-worth, it makes the difference. (Musiq Soulchild) 


Well, everyone has a different answer to that question, but my answer is this: financial freedom allows me to pay it forward, to give into the Kingdom freely, to afford a nice (a really nice) haircut and color, for my husband too, an occasional fine dinner out— And in Spokane, WA, compared to NY City, that’s not asking much. At this point in life, I don’t want a five bedroom home, but I would enjoy a piece of fine art hanging over a giant gas fireplace, double sinks in my bathroom, pink granite counters and real wood floors everywhere.

Now you know my goals— On the way and working on it. The most exciting thing is that I found the perfect vehicle to put together all my eclectic and left-handed ideas into a money-making adventure. . .

for extremely little out-of-pocket expense.

I have owned restaurants, contracted food-services, and a retail store-front, all or which were extremely costly compared to online marketing. And please (no offense to my many past employees, who were hardworking professionals) NO MORE PAYROLL–i.e., until I need to hire help, which will be real soon. Go figure. But then, extra help can do the Payroll. Right? Right!

I graduated in Business Administration, and for a long time accounting was fascinating. No More. Now I love design. And that’s what I get to do in Wealthy Affiliate–BESIDES MAKING EXTRA $$$. Oh, this is so good.

Now, if that attitude isn’t what well-being is about, then, I just don’t know what is. So, to your financial health.


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